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How To Make A Boobie Birthday Cakes

 How To Make A Boobie Birthday Cake

For My Father's Birthday..

I had never thought they would request a cake like this but hey - at his age who is going to argue with him!
This is a simple cake to make a much simpler than I thought.
The first step is to make the cake. I did a white chocolate mud cake. This was the recipe I used:
Toni's White Chocolate Mud Cake
250g butter
250g white chocolate
1& 1/2cups sugar
1cup SR Flour
one 3/4 cup plain flour
two eggs
1/2cup sour cream............ mix in to chocolate mixture.. & voila!!! YUMMO & EASY!!!
160C for up to two hours for a 10 a cake!
To get the round shape you require round tins. You can use puddings bowls but keep in mind you will have a flat bit for the top of the boob so you will require to fill that in or do what I did & buy Wilton Sports Ball tin. It is the same tin I used for the Soccer ball I made last month (you will find it on here)

Make positive you grease the pans well (I used Bakers Joy spray) amount of the mud cake recipe & fill the pan always to the top & you will probably have a small left over to make a small for cake (I did). Cook as per the mud cake instructions & check after one hour & then every 10-15 minutes after that.
It will then look like this!

Heat cream until it comes to the boil & of the heat then put all the other ingredients in to the cream & mix until it won't melt & then put on a low heat until all the chocolate melts.

Both of mine stuck because I didn't leave them in to icy but I didn't panic & nor ought to you because you can fix it all I will show you how later..
I then put these in the freezer for later use & I think the cake is much better if it is frozen & then taken out to be used for the cake later.
So now to ganache and this has become a favourite of mine quickly. This time I used caramel ganache & this is the recipe: -
This will make plenty of ganache but it can be frozen for up to three months.
Caramel Ganache
300mls pouring cream
1kg of lindt white chocolate (or whatever white chocolate you prefer)
one can Top n Fill or known as Dulce de leche in other countries (caramelised condensed milk)

lovely eaten as it is - spoonful at a time.
One time the ganache has cooled you can start to fill in the crack & dents & start to make the boobs smooth by using a hot knife wiped quickly with a tidy towel & then the knife run over the surface of the cake.

Put in to fridge to icy. Then use as you wish.

But you could also use a heart formed board.
Make positive you have the right space between each cake is not much because otherwise it will look unusual & not close as it will be harder to put the fondant on.
Now to cover the cakes; some people cover the board & the cakes but in my case I covered the cakes.

Then it is time to position the cakes onto the board. I must admit I didn't stick them down with anything & they were fine but I would recommend sticking them down with some Royal Icing to be safe but as I say mine didn't move.
The shape of the board is important all I used a sizable square shape & but them on an angle like this.

So I made a template of a bra cup by using greaseproof paper & tracing a rough shape based on the final fondant shape of the cakes.
In my case I did a black bra & placed the template on top like this

& then cut around it with a sharp knife to cut this result.
 How To Make A Boobie Birthday Cake

You need to colour some fondant with ivory coloured paste to generate the colour. The amount depends on the colour that you need. You can use other versions of brown to accomplish the same effect but in my case I used Wilton Ivory.
I then rolled out the fondant & made a template by using the sports ball tin & cutting it at least three inches over the tin itself (you need excess) then covered each cake separately and using my hands to smooth it around the cake & then trimmed off the excess. Wait & see it can take 5-10 minutes to get it right but it will happen. Any air bubbles in the fondant I pricked with a pin.
One time covered you then need to make the nipples. I used Wilton brown paste in to white fondant & also mixed a tiny left over ivory fondant I made to give it a more realistic colour.
I then used some icing sugar as well as a tiny hot water to make glue & cut a circle & also moulded a nipple & stuck both of these onto the cake. I then used a tooth pick to generate the effect on the nipples.It then looks like this.
You will notice that there's some dints at the front & again don't worry because the bra will hide that.
So how do you make a bra?
, the style is up to you & I saw so lots of that others have completed to give me ideas which was great.
Now I am not a sewer but thanks to a tip from a mate about cutting dart saved me from a slight catastrophe. It does make sense to cut the �V� out so that when you place it onto the cake it sits better.
To accomplish a patterned effect I used a $2 stamp which is used for scrap booking & before it was placed onto the cake I stamped it!

& then I place it onto of the cakes, then repeated the method & done the other cake. In my case I turned the template over for the other cake as it sat better than

you require to see the way you go.
 How To Make A Boobie Birthday Cake

Using your sugar glue stick the black fondant on & one time covered with the bra it looks like this

Don�t worry if a quantity of the stamping disappears because you have pressed it � I reapplied the stamp to give it more definition. You could probably wait until you placed the bra on & then stamp it but it isn�t what I did.
So now they get to detailing it.
I used a FMM straight frill cutter (I used the first) & rolled a piece of red fondant out & placed the cutter on top of it pressed down & then lifted it off.
There's lots of things that you could use to make the frill but this was what I used. I then used my sugar glue to place the frill around the bottom of the cake around the bra.
To do the top frill on the bra I used the same cutter but cut an extended piece so I could fold it over to make it stand up like this

& again using the glue & playing with the frill it looks like this.

You require to hide the joins etc between each cake & again and you could use anything buy what I did was use the same lace but make it wavy.
To accomplish the wavy effect all you require to do is offset the cutter above the first cut & it makes the wave & then I glue it on.

For a tiny more detail I used the pointed finish of a bamboo skewer around all the edges of the frill.
I then decided it needs a strap & I used a clay gun to make it & cit it to length & again used the sugar glue in a couple of places to make it stick to the board.

& finally I wrote the message and using royal icing & lots of Wilton red red paste I wished my dad a happy birthday!

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